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Wood carving as true art.

Upon entering, it immediately stands out, Steve's house is completely filled with various artworks that he made himself. They are like paintings made of wood. The art that Steve makes is called intarsia and this is all about placing pieces of wood (veneer) onto a wooden panel. It starts with making a drawing and then cutting pieces of veneer that are laid down and eventually glued. It can be compared to a puzzle which you have to make yourself. According to Steve, it is the colors and direction of the grain that make it interesting to work with. Wood lives and you also have so many different grain types that you have to take into consideration when placing the pieces of veneer. When it is finished it is varnished and sanded several times , and then finally polished.

The most extraordinary things that Steve makes are no doubt his hurdy-gurdys. He makes these originally medieval musical instruments himself and are finished in detail. It is Steve's great pride and one of his greatest challenges. Steve chose to make this instrument because of the special sound (similar to that of a bagpipe) and because it is such an old instrument. It is fascinating to see how they work and sound.