saxofoon mensWhen Steve was 12 or 13 years old and still lived in England, his parents bought a box containing all the materials to make intarsia work. Later he started doing it all himself, he taught  himself how to do it and never had any training for it. Actually, you do not need much for it, he says. The most important thing you need is wood, veneer, glue, varnish and lots of patience because it takes a lot of time. After he moved to Eindhoven, he went to the then wood company Picus at Tongelresestraat to ask if he could get some waste veneer. A while later, an employee was at the door with his car full of veneer that Steve was allowed to have. That was great. Meanwhile he has been living for many years in the Doornakkers in Tongelre.

Because Steve becomes so attached to his works, he finds it very difficult to sell it. Some have been sold or given away, a friend has a number of them hanging on his wall. But it's really all about Steve being creative, and the pleasure of making the final result.

escher en pieckFor one of his pictures Steve got inspiration from the "The candy store" by Anton Pieck, yet another work is based on one of the works of M.C. Escher. Steve can actually get inspiration from anywhere. The three-dimensional effect ensures that you can keep on looking at them Finally, a special detail that he has added to another work by M.C.Escher. The person in the lower left has a hurdy gurdy on his back.

Pretty magical, right?