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Steve Carter video#6

This is possibly one of the best I've made so far, the woodwork is beautiful, the paintwork is tight and the sound is very good. All those years of experience of making hurdy-gurdies come together in this instrument.

Steve Carter video#5

I've finally finished the restoration project of my 38 year old Hurdy Gurdy, and I'm really happy with it.

Steve Carter video#4

A new video "Hurdy Gurdy impressions"

Steve Carter video#3

The first test of my new hurdy-gurdy. Everything works perfectly but still needs some extra tuning here and there. The sound still needs to be fine-tuned and the quality of the sound with the video is also not professionally recorded. But all in all I am already very satisfied.

Steve Carter video#2

The development of a hurdy gurdy step by step.

Steve Carter video#1

Here you can watch and above all listen to a short impression of a hurdy-gurdy built by myself. This is one that is made from an old guitar.