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Restoration project - 3

' Starting to look good  !' It's still strange to be working on it after 38 years, really happy with it so far.


Restoration project - 2

Well, I've started with the rebuild, and can see how many mistakes I made 38 years ago. I'm completely taking it apart and rebuilding it where necessary. The new system for the wheel and new axel is ready, ' it's strange having this in my hands after such a long time ' and there's still a long way to go.


Restoration project - 1

Hallo !
Well I've certainly given myself a challenge this time. Roughly 40 years ago I made my first Hurdy Gurdy, which I ended up selling to an old friend of mine. A few days ago his daughter contacted me, and told me that he was no longer with us, and would I like that the hurdy Gurdy was returned to me, (38 yrs. is a long time ago )
'Well it's back !' I certainly made a few mistakes back then, I've decided to completely strip it down because it had been badly damaged, complete new system for the wheel, and many more things, I think I've given myself a few hours work this time.

'Please be careful out there'

Got to stay busy in these crazy days

It started by wanting to draw a rosette for a new hurdy gurdy, I got a bit carried away, and ended up making this using some fineer that I had left over. (35cms. X 23cms.)