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Hurdy gurdy Jan. 2020 - 2

Here you can see how far I am at the moment, still a long way to go.


Hurdy gurdy Jan. 2020 - 1

'Here we go again'
This one is a shape that I've never made before, lots of new challenges, 'it's good to be busy again'. I'll place an update every week on my blog. I don't know what it's going to look like, and like I've said before it's always a suprise !!!


Rina's Dollshouse

Rina's Dollshouse

Well the dollshouse is nearly finished, just in time for christmas. I'm looking forward to starting the new hurdy gurdy in january, (got lots of ideas for this one). Hope you all have a good Christmas, and I'll be back soon with the start of the new one.