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Restoration project - 5

The restoration project has been completed and everything is finished to the finest detail. The new strings are in, placed and tuned. The rebirth of a 38 years old hurdy-gurdy is finally complete.

Restoration project - 4

Well, after 38 years it is back and better than it ever was, I am really happy with it. Now the strings.


Restoration project - 3

' Starting to look good  !' It's still strange to be working on it after 38 years, really happy with it so far.


Restoration project - 2

Well, I've started with the rebuild, and can see how many mistakes I made 38 years ago. I'm completely taking it apart and rebuilding it where necessary. The new system for the wheel and new axel is ready, ' it's strange having this in my hands after such a long time ' and there's still a long way to go.