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Hurdy gurdy Jan. 2020 - 7

Hoi!   Now I'm really close, had a good week and nearly finished, everything has been varnished and I've ordered the strings. The strings you can see in the foto are not the good ones, I use these to werk out exactly where the strings  have to be placed, this is so that I can't accidently damage the new ones.



Hurdy gurdy Jan. 2020 - 6

I've been sorting out where the strings have to be this week, they have to lie on the wheel precisely, (this is very important) and it's always a challenge to do it correctly, and I've  also made a few small items that I need later. ''I'm getting closer now'' !!!! (''still having fun'')


Hurdy gurdy Jan. 2020 - 5

There's not really a lot to show you this week, I'm still making the small things that I need, and varnishing in between, still got a long way to go.

Hurdy gurdy Jan. 2020 - 4

Every day a little closer !

Made the Peg-box this week, (that's the piece at the back which holds the tuning pegs) I'm still making all the small parts that I'm going to need. The crank is finished, and wheel cover is beginning to take shape,
Hope you like what you see, and thanks for watching.