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Hurdy gurdy Sept.2019 - 3

Getting a little closer, the keys are in place, and now the lid.

Hurdy gurdy Sept.2019 - 2

The soundboard is glued on to the sides, I used Western red cedar with a thickness of 2.5 mm. Now I start with the keyboard box, making holes for the keys, (a lot of wood file work) !!

Hurdy gurdy Sept.2019 - 1

Well,I've started to make a new hurdy gurdy. Like I've said before they don't seem to leave me alone. For some reason, I think it has something to do with the challenge, it certainly keeps me busy. I'll put photo's on the site, so you see how I am progressing. I started this time with the axel and the crank, got the metal work done first.
Thanks for watching!

Amsterdam dollhouse

Recently my daughter moved from Amsterdam and she asked me if I could make a dollhouse for my granddaughter. I searched the internet for ideas and found a dollhouse in Amsterdam style. There was a lot of work to do (repairs, lighting and repainting), so I gave it a new life. She loves it so my mission is accomplished.