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Puppet Douglas is ready!

Douglas is completely finished on this photo. All the strings are attached and you can now let him do everything. He can dance, walk, jump and play hurdy-gurdy.


Puppet with hurdy-gurdy

Hi !
Now for something completely different, meet "Douglas". 
He started his existence when I only found his head. I couldn't resist and just had to give him arms and legs (and the rest). Rina made his clothes which turned out to be quite a challenge but it has become very beautiful. And of course I also made a miniature hurdy-gurdy for him! He still has a long way to go, got to string him up and teach him to walk and play the hurdy-gurdy. Ha! Ha! I’ll have him dancin’in no time.

When he is completely finished I will post a few more photos on my blog, you will hear more from Douglas!