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Test new hurdy-gurdy video

The first test of my new hurdy-gurdy. Everything works perfectly but still needs some extra tuning here and there. The sound still needs to be fine-tuned and the quality of the sound with the video is also not professionally recorded. But all in all I am already very satisfied.

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Hurdy gurdy Jan. 2020 - 9

I haven't got a lot to show this week, still waiting on those strings. I'm looking forward to finishing, just have to be patient. ''Hope you like the photo''  I'm running out of space my walls aren't long enough,  Ha! Ha!


There is a new video

In this video you can see step by step how a hurdy gurdy is created. From wood to a beautiful music instrument, made with great pleasure to produce a beautiful sound.

Watch the video


Hurdy gurdy Jan. 2020 - 8

'' Well I've finished '' and now I'm waiting for the strings, I've ordered them from ''Kurschner'' in Germany, and now I have to be patient.